Remove Charles Barkley

This is a grass roots effort from Suns fans across the world who are disgusted by total disrespect we have seen from Charles Barkley on his TNT broadcasts. As a former Sun and Ring of Honor recipient he should be respecting the Phoenix Suns a little more than he is.  We are asking the General Manager Steve Kerr and the Suns Management to take back the Ring of Honor award given to him.

Despite being a Scottsdale resident, former Phoenix Sun, and Ring of Honor Recipient he is constantly trashing the Suns organization and should no longer be able to call himself a Phoenix Sun. Do you agree?

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Based on TNT’s Charles Barclay bad mouthing the Suns despite being a Sun, should the Phoenix Suns strip him of all of his honors and remove him from the Ring of



One response to “Remove Charles Barkley

  1. This is awesome! Absolutely! I know that TNT can not actually force the outcome of a game but its ridiculous that he will always be the one whining about the suns play and never call a good play like it is. He repeats the same BS every day: No Defense whatsoever and only Steve Nash Offense. Have you seen Dudley, Lou, and Goran. Hell even Nash is rebounding now.

    Call the game like it is and suns fans will be happy, bad or good.

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